A downloadable GAME for Windows

The YEAR is 198X and you JUST got HOME WITH a new computer, the Admiral 44. You BOOT it up and are greeted by a voice "PLAY GAME, MAKE WORD, FOUR CHAR"

ALEX (The NAME of the voice, I couldn't fit THAT anywhere in the GAME so TAKE my WORD for it) has a TASK for you, MAKE enough FOUR letter words to BEAT the forces of EVIL. How does making words do THAT? WELL, you KNOW WHAT THEY say, knowledge is power.

There is a slight story, but it is mainly JUST a puzzle GAME. There are SOME fun easter EGGS to FIND too, mostly by spelling words. 

If you LIKE the GAME enough to donate, you can do so via ETH: 




Install instructions

Extract zip file, run exe (probably tell windows defender it is fine, since it is an unknown exe lol)

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